Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fairstar (1992)

In 1992 my work bought me a cruise aboard Fairstar, as a bonus. By then the ship was nearing the end of her highly successful career (she was on full time cruising from Australia 12/1974 - 01/1997). She worked very well at the budget end of the market and her fares offered good value at the time. However, because of her popularity, P&O charged a 100% supplement for solo use of a double cabin (there were no singles) so the fare my company paid for me was appropriate for a much higher standard of ship. Still, the ship was well run and, as always, I had a good time. My only criticism of  the ship was that the on board security staff and restrictive measures they put in place were sometimes overbearing. It seemed that because of previous regular out of control behaviour of some of the younger crowd she attracted, everyone was tarred with the same brush. I found the head security guy, a long time employee in that role to be particularly bitter and unpleasant Perhaps he'd been there way too long.

The ship at Vila on 15th. March, 1992.

At anchor off Mystery Island, Vanuatu on 16th. March, 1992.

Mystery Island
The last tender (lifeboat) returning to the ship.
Photos taken during a bridge visit.

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