Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day trips to Rotterdam

During my time in Amsterdam I made 2 trips to Rotterdam. One was to the Maritime Museum there and the other was to visit the ss Rotterdam, a retired transatlantic liner which was recently converted into a museum and hotel ship. The comfortable express train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam only takes 45 minutes each way.

The original Holland America Line building still stands. The company's ships used to berth at the wharves surrounding the building

Maritime Museum

The Rotterdam Maritime Museum has many ship models and a very good book shop. Unfortunately, nearly all the books are in Dutch

A poster for the Oranje which was later bought by Flotta Lauro Line and became the Angelina Lauro for the UK - Italy - Australia migrant trade

Similarly, the Willem Ruys was also bought by Flotta Lauro and became the Achille Lauro, also for the Australian trade

 ss Rotterdam

Amsterdam Post - cruise

After disembarking the Amaverde in Amsterdam, I spent four days in that fabulous city before flying home.

Typical cafe scene in summer

I stayed in another lovely hotel, the Grand Amrath. The buildingis over 100 years old and used to house the main shipping offices in Amsterdam

A self-portrait taken while enjoying a beer outside on of the hundreds of cafes that dot Amsterdam
A strikingly handsome local resident
Of course I had to visit the Amsterdam Cruise Terminal where 2 Costa Line ships were berthed.

Amsterdam's Schipol Airport is Europe's busiest. These 6 information boards are listing flight departures from 10:00 to 14:30 on a Saturday morning / afternoon.

On the rivers - 5

These photos are from the last leg of the cruise, along the Main and Rhine rivers to our final port, Amsterdam

Miltenberg - the main street has many buildings dating back to the 16th century

An extraordinary pipe and cigar shop - I bought a new pipe here and very good it is, too

Charles and Valerie at Rudesheim
The Self-Playing Musical Instrument Museum, housed in a 16th century building was very interesting

A similar river cruise ship coming alongside the Amaverde

Castles along the Rhine Gorge

This castle, on an island, has its leading edge shaped like a ship's bow to protect it from ice flowing downriver.

Cologne Cathedral

River traffic at Cologne
While 'towel sculpture' is common on cruise ships, my stewardess used her great sense of humour