Saturday, 10 November 2018

Golden Princess - October 2018 - Post 1

 On 22nd. October I flew to Sydney to join Golden Princess after her arrival from the US, for a repositioning voyage to Melbourne and a fourteen day cruise to the South Pacific and back. The weather was very good throughout and as usual, the food and service aboard were excellent.
 Departure Sydney.

Lots of people on deck for the Sydney sailaway. Many of the punters on this cruise and the next seemed to be more the 'P&O Australia' type of crowd.

Silly, directed dancing on deck is still popular with many.
A containership overtaking us on the way to Melbourne.

Moonlight from my cabin balcony.

Early morning berthing at Melbourne.
Beer tents setup on deck for the sailaway.
Departure Melbourne.
 Mare, New Caledonia.

Mystery Island, Vanuatu.

Breakfast on deck.
 Vila, Vanuatu.

Just before late afternoon departure, from the Skywalkers Lounge.

Golden Princess - October 2018 - Post 2

Lifou, New Caledonia.

Some friends around the ship.
My fabulous restaurant waiters, Pinnit and Chai, from Thailand and Head Waiter, Angelo, from Italy, and me after a splendid meal on Halloween night. For these people who have to abide by strict uniform codes every day, the amusement of the opportunity to break out a little and have some fun is obvious and infectious.

A splendid private lunch with fellow guests Lisa and Guy and the Executive Chef, Maitre d' and Food & Beverage Director.

Barman Francis from The Philippines.

Bar waiter Mohammed from India.

Barman Sam from The Philippines.

Me with the Skywalkers team, John, Sam, Alduan, Francis and Nelson, all from The Philippines.

I was pleased to be awarded for having the third most Princess cruise days of the passengers aboard this cruise.

Bridge Visit.

In ‘the paddock’, off Lakes Entrance this morning and the weather’s turned a bit wintry. From the port bridge wing.
Back in Melbourne on November 8th. Carnival Spirit also alongside.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Majestic Princess - August 2018 - Post 1

 On 21st. August 2018 I flew to Shanghai via Bangkok to join Majestic Princess on the 24th. for her maiden repositioning voyage to Sydney, for the southern summer. The 22 day cruise was excellent - a beautiful and comfortable ship, great food and the highlight, as always aboard Princess ships, excellent service, friendly, obliging and efficient, throughout. A great voyage.

 Shanghai - pre-cruise.

  From the airport, I caught the Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) train for the 7 minute, 30 km trip to the eastern edge of the city. It was then a long haul by taxi onwards to my hotel which was on the western side. The Longemont hotel was very comfortable and my very good friends from several previous cruises, Jules and Phil Garvin, arrived the next day. We had a couple of interesting outings but because of its spread and congestion (2018 population - 24 million), it's a difficult city to get around.

Aboard the Maglev train.

A small part of the Shanghai sprawl - from my hotel room.

A deceptively quiet Shanghai side street.
 A very worthwhile attraction to visit is the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre. It contained superb displays of the city's past and present, including photo displays, dioramas and an astonishing large-scale model of the present city.


Photos of old Shanghai.

A photographic display of today's Shanghai.

An ingenious montage of old Shanghai doorways.

This enormous model of the city was beautifully detailed.