Friday, 15 June 2018

Sea Princess - May 2018 - Post 1

On 1st. May I joined Sea Princess in Sydney for a cruise to Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand and back. As always, it was an excellent cruise with wonderful service.

Sydney sail away.

Passing Woolloomooloo.

Some excited new cruisers.

Great West Indian party-band.


Rogelio and Sommei.
Breakfast on deck.

Dancing in the Wheelhouse Bar.

Sea Princess - May 2018 - Post 2

 Pago Pago

Late afternoon sailing.

The Governor's residence.

Bridge visit.

Commodore Giuseppe Romano - this is his last contract before retirement.

Officers of the watch.
A Quatermaster.

The port bridge wing console.

Sea Princess - May 2018 - Post 3

The Chef's Table dinner.

In the galley.

A tea-set made from chocolate.


A great spot for lunch on Waikiki - No Riff Raff!

A delicious lunch.


A plush golf course.

Yet another great lunch spot.
 Sunday Brunch in the dining room.

With Maitre 'd Giuseppe Franchina, an old friend from several cruises.