Saturday, 26 December 2015

Dawn Princess - December 2015 - Post 1

I joined Dawn Princess in Sydney on December 7th for a 14 night cruise to Fiji and back. As always, the food and service I received were excellent throughout. The weather was good during the cruise - calm, sunny and hot and the ambiance on board was relaxed and peaceful. Unfortunately, though clean and well maintained, the ship is showing her age with the common bane of older passenger ships, leaking plumbing.

Sailing from Circular Quay, P&O Australia's latest addition, Pacfic Eden (ex-Statendam) outbound from the White Bay terminal, followed us out.

The RAN's two new helicopter carriers at Garden Island naval base.

Sydney harbour from one of my favourite spots.

 Port Denarau

A very enjoyable goat curry at an Indian restaurant ashore.

All the conventional ships at anchor off Suva reminded me of my early days at sea with Blue Star Line.

The Captain (left) and Staff Captain.

A long held tradition in Suva - the police band welcomes and farewells visiting cruise ships.

Downtown Suva.
A few of the crew heading ashore.
Departure Suva - and the Chinese have arrived.

Dawn Princess - December 2015 - Post 2

 Savu Savu
Tendering ashore.


Osvaldo, the Hotel General Manager (front) and Steve, the Customer Services Manager.
Sommei from Thailand, one of the great bar staff.
Elaine and Tim, friends from an earlier cruise.
The usual, private, bridge visit.

Another lovely, hot day at sea, relaxing by the pool bar.
Me with the Captain.

Back in White Bay, Sydney and the end of another great cruise.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Golden Princess - October 2015 - Post 3

 Some photos from around the ship.

My cabin - F303.

The Bridge.

The Atrium.

The Galley.

A chocolate tea-set.

The Officers' Bar

The Officer's Dining Room.

The Petty Officers' Mess.

The Crew Bar.

The Grand Suite.

The Captain and me.