Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Oosterdam (February 2013) - Post 4

Some photos from behind the scenes.

The ship's bridge.

One of the ship's quartermasters.
The view from the port bridge wing.

Some of the bridge control displays.

Of professional interest to me, the ship's deviation card.
The alarm centre housed in presumably what would have been the chart room before the change to electronic charts.
Captain Van der Loo and me.
The engine control room.

The ship's laundry.

The tailor shop. All the officers' and crew's uniforms are made on board.
The PO's messroom.
The Executive chef in the ship's galley.

Provisions bound for the casual dining galley.
The alcohol store room.
One of my regular bar stewards and me.
The very functional working alleyway.
A crew cabin alleyway.
Plans showing the rabbit warren  that is the crew accommodation.

The bridge and deck officers' accommodation.

Oosterdam arriving in Melbourne on the next cruise on 27th Feb 2013.

Oosterdam (February 2013) - Post 3

Some photos from around the ship.
The ship's Atrium.

The midships pool area with sliding roof.

The library and internet cafe.

The forward end of the promenade deck.
A superior balcony cabin.

One of the ship's two suites that comes with its own kitchen.

The ship had several excellent paintings by renowned maritime artist Stephen Card hung in the stairwells.