Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day trips to Rotterdam

During my time in Amsterdam I made 2 trips to Rotterdam. One was to the Maritime Museum there and the other was to visit the ss Rotterdam, a retired transatlantic liner which was recently converted into a museum and hotel ship. The comfortable express train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam only takes 45 minutes each way.

The original Holland America Line building still stands. The company's ships used to berth at the wharves surrounding the building

Maritime Museum

The Rotterdam Maritime Museum has many ship models and a very good book shop. Unfortunately, nearly all the books are in Dutch

A poster for the Oranje which was later bought by Flotta Lauro Line and became the Angelina Lauro for the UK - Italy - Australia migrant trade

Similarly, the Willem Ruys was also bought by Flotta Lauro and became the Achille Lauro, also for the Australian trade

 ss Rotterdam

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  1. Great pictures, I especially liked the one of the SS Rotterdam.