Friday, 30 March 2012

Cap Beatrice (2010) - Post 4

Crossing the Pacific Ocean

The fore mast.
Looking over the bow.
The bulbous bow.
The deck cadet (L) and the bosun (R) splicing mooring ropes.
The after mooring deck.

Looking over the stern.

On deck, looking forward.
Between the on deck container stacks.

The chef in the galley.
On the Saturday, eve of my birthday, the crew put on a barbeque on deck. Me (L), the captain, the chief engineer (R).

The messman.
The second mate (L) and second engineer (R).
Me with the crew.
The other passenger, a woman from Germany.

After the barbeque, the crew invited me to join them in their bar for their beloved karaoke.
Watching the crew at recreation, it became apparent to me that they really relate to each other like a family. I assume this is because of Filipino culture and because they are on the ship so long between leave breaks.
Choosing a song.


A quiet afternoon watch at sea for the second mate.
Early morning arrival at Auckland, 8th. June.
Backing on to the berth.

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