Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cap Beatrice (2010) - Post 1

I embarked aboard the Hamburg Sud containership Cap Beatrice in Philadelphia, USA on 13th. May 2010 for the voyage back to Melbourne via Savannah, Cartagena, Panama Canal, Balboa, Auckland and Sydney. I disembarked in Melbourne on 16th. June.
The ship's officers were Ukranian and Russian and the crew were Filipinos. While the variety of food and level of service found on the cargo passenger ships of my Blue Star Line days were relatively lavish compared to today, the ship's complement were very friendly and welcoming, especially the Captain, Vasyl Stenderchuk from the Ukraine. Unfortunately, between Savannah, Georgia, USA and Cartagena, Columbia, the ship's air conditioning broke down and was unable to be repaired for the remainder of the trip. Like modern houses, modern ships are not designed for life without air conditioning so the temperature aboard was stiflingly hot when berthed in tropical ports. Such is life at sea!

Cap Beatrice at Tauranga (photos from Chief Engineer, Cap Beatrice).

Photo from Captain Stenderchuk, Cap Beatrice.

I occupied the Owner's cabin for this voyage. Fortunately there was a dvd player with the television to help while away the evenings.

 Savannah - 15th. May

Shipping at Savannah.

One of the ship's seamen lowering the flags at sunset.

The last containers being loaded.
The bridge console (photo from Captain Stenderchuk, Cap Beatrice).

Port bridge wing, prior to departure from Savannah on 15th. May.
Tugs waiting to attend Cap Beatrice.
Sailing downriver.
Passing the Old Town area of Savannah.
Sailing downriver, Savannah (photo from Captain Stenderchuk, Cap Beatrice).

 Cartagena - 21st. May

Early morning arrival.

We berthed astern of Tatiana Schulte, a sister ship of the same design as Cap Beatrice.

The Deck Cadet on gangway watch.

Another Schulte ship in Cartagena that day. Schulte are the owners of Cap Beatrice.

Tall Ships at Cartagena on 21st. May

This was the first time I'd seen a Tucan in the flesh.
Evening in Cartagena.

The ship's mast.

The ship's starboard lifeboat.
My cabin was on this deck.
Looking towards the bow from my cabin.

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  1. Fantastic selection of shots, Tim. It's great to see pictures of "working ships"...