Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sea Princess (2011) - Post 1

I recently had an irresistable offer on a 13 night New Zealand cruise, round trip from Sydney, aboard Sea Princess. As I have always found with Princess cruises, the food, and bar and dining room service were excellent. The ship seemed in very good condition, spotlessly clean and well maintained.

 12th. November - Departure Sydney

Traffic at Melbourne Airport prior to my flight to Sydney.

One of my favourite parts of any cruise - the moment the ship lifts off the wharf at the very start.

The old wharves at Pyrmont, now converted to apartments.

Passing under Sydney harbour bridge.

A Sydney pilot launch accompanying us to the heads, passing Circular Quay.

Two RAN ships at Garden Island naval base.

Symbols of Sydney harbour - a Manly ferry, Fort Dennison and the harbour bridge.

The forward mooring deck. At sea, this area is used as a workspace for refurbishing teak railings, deck chairs etc.

Passing Manly.

South Head.

Outside the heads, the pilot lauch waiting for the pilot to disembark.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Tim. the shot of the ship passing under Sydney Harbour Bridge is quite spectacular. My fave is the high contrast almost B&W photo of the Bridge, ferry and Fort Denison.