Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sea Princess (2011) - Post 3

November 17th. - Tauranga (Mt. Manganui)

Alongside in Mt. Manganui.

Shipping in Tauranga harbour.

One of Sea Princess' seamen oiling lifeboat falls.

 November 18th. - Napier (almost)
The Napier pilot boarded and the launch followed us from the pilot boarding ground to the breakwater. However, due to high winds gusting across the unprotected wharf, the Captain judged it too unsafe to berth so unfortunately the call to Napier was abandoned.

 November 19th. - Wellington

 The ship was piloted into Wellington by a friend of mine from my Blue Star Line days, Captain Peter Stacey. After berthing Sea Princess, Peter took Maersk Aberdeen to sea, kindly allowing me to ride on the pilot launch while he did so.

The aft tug assisting Sea Princess in morning sunshine.

Ships alongside Aotea Quay.

Sea Princess alongside Aotea Quay, from the pilot launch.

Assisted by tugs, Maersk Aberdeen sets sail.

The pilot launch coming alongside Maersk Aberdeen at Wellington harbour entrance.

Waiting for the pilot to disembark the ship.

Captain Stacey on the ladder.

Heading into ocean swells, Maersk Aberdeen clears Wellington.

Heading back into Wellington.

That evening as we sailed from Wellington, outside the harbour the pilot launch attended an inbound banana carrier.

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  1. Great action shots in this set! The photo of the Sea Princess alongside Aotea Quay is great!