Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Royal Princess - November 2016 - Post 1

After disembarking Ruby Princess in Los Angeles on 5th. November I flew to Miami then stayed overnight at the airport hotel. The next day I took a shuttle to Fort Lauderdale where I joined Royal Princess on 6th. November for two back to back ten day cruises. I was very impressed with the ship when my good friend Omar Silingardi arranged for me to have a walk around her, when she was brand new, in Livorno, Italy in 2013. I was there aboard Dawn Princess at the time. My memories of her didn't let me down. She's a beautiful, comfortable ship to sail in with the usual excellent Princess service and great food.

Other cruise ships at Fort Lauderdale.

Sailing from Fort Lauderdale.

Arriving at Aruba.

At Bonaire.

Arriving at Granada.

Arriving at St. Thomas

Sailing from Dominica.

At Grand Turk.

At St. John.

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