Saturday, 24 December 2016

Regal Princess - December 2016

I joined Regal Princess in Fort Lauderdale on December 4th for a seven day cruise. She's almost identical to the Royal but only one year old. Like the Royal, the ship was very comfortable with great staff, service and food. I was pleased to be able to perform a magnetic compass adjustment on departure from Montego Bay, Jamiaca.

Regal Princess sailing from Fort Lauderdale on her previous cruise. I took this from Caribbean Princess.

 A typically busy Sunday for cruise ships sailing from Fort Lauderdale.

Holland America's latest ship, Koningsdam.

My cabin.

Late afternoon on my balcony.

At Princess Cays, Bahamas.
On the wharf at Montego Bay, Jamaica.

On the bridge, preparing for a magnetic compass adjustment after departure.
The bridges on these ships are so large that they look like a new house waiting for furniture.
The crew pool, spa and sunbathing deck. Cruise ship MSC Opera in the background.
Waiting for the last stragglers.
The Jamaican pilot (left) and Captain (second from left).
The gunport doors status display,
A ship particulars display on the bridge.

At anchor off Grand Caymen.
Tendering ashore.

Approaching one of the gunport doors in a tender.
Back in Cozumel, Mexico,

Waiting for the evening departure.


Christmas decorations in the ship's atrium.
Evening entertainment in the Atrium.

A relaxing lunch on deck, at sea.

The ship's track on my cabin tv.
The Retreat pool and bar.

A sign I'm always pleased to see!

In one of the galleys.
My lovely cabin  stewardess, Olivia from the Philippines.
Barman Sawat from Thailand. He's a dear friend from several earlier cruises.
Another dear friend from several earlier cruises, bar waiter Milica from Serbia.
With my head waiter Gabriel and senior waiter Daniel.

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  1. You're almost like one of the family there, Tim!