Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dawn Princess – Venice to Sydney August 2013 – Post 7

Omar Silingardi, Director of Food and Beverage Services for the entire Princess fleet, very kindly invited me to visit the brand new Royal Princess in Livorno on 5th September. It was a great honour for me because with security and the resulting paperwork such as it is these days, such invitations are rarely given.

Royal Princess at Livorno, Italy 5/9

The promenade wings that extend over the ocean.


The main pool deck
The adults only, extra tariff, Serenity area.
In the Serenity area, these cabanas can be rented for USD $50 for a half day or $80 for a full day.
These cabanas may fall into the ‘If you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it’ category.

The Horizon Court casual dining area.

The Vista show lounge.
The Wheelhouse Bar with adjacent Crown Grill restaurant.

The entrance to one of the two main dining rooms which includes a private table in the centre.

The other main dining room. The centre table here can be shielded by a curtain of light.
A suite.

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  1. What a lovely ship and opportunity to photograph it. :) Thank you for sharing.