Monday, 14 October 2013

Dawn Princess – Venice to Sydney August 2013 – Post 11

Aqaba, Jordan 15/9

I went ashore here with Geoff and Keith, friends from a previous cruise. Geoff, who was an Australian diplomat for over 30 years, has vast experience of the Middle East, South East Asia and USA and was on board giving a series of lectures on regional and world affairs. There wasn’t a lot to see here but we hired a taxi to take us to a shopping centre and then to a couple of very good hotels where we had drinks and an excellent Arabic lunch.

The after tug, from my balcony.
View across Aqaba. In the distant far left is Elat, Israel.

Two friendly, English speaking locals.
Geoff and Keith.
Driving through one of the less salubrious parts of town.
Outside the shopping centre.
At the nut and spices shop. We bought some
 beautiful, fresh nuts.


Drinks in the lounge of the Kempinski Hotel.


Lunch at the Intercontinental Hotel.    

   43 deg C in the shade!           
Who would have thought a colour scheme of ochre, gun-metal blue, green and grey would look ghastly!
Sunset over the desert.

Early evening departure.

Salalah, Oman 20/9

I have no idea why the ship called here. It’s a strict Muslim country – no alcohol, being a Friday everything was shut and, despite the heat, it was even frowned upon to wear shorts ashore!
I stayed on-board and had a very relaxing day by the pool and bar.

Early morning arrival.
Arab dhows alongside.
This appears to be a large transhipment port for containers bound for the Persian Gulf and India.

Evening departure.

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