Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Rhapsody of the Seas (November 2012)

18th November - Sydney

My very comfortable, well-appointed cabin.

 19th November - Newcastle

The Viking Crown Lounge, a signature feature on RCCL ships.

22nd - 23rd November - Cairns

Swinging off the berth.
Cairns-based patrol boats.

The adults only enclosed pool area with bar and buffet.

One of the West Indian bar stewards.

Tropical afternoon departure.
 25th November - Airlie Beach

Heading ashore on a catamaran.

Flamboyant ship's dancers heading ashore.
One of the very attractive yachts at the Airlie Beach marina.

27th November - Brisbane

(L - R) The ship's 1st Officer, Staff Captain and Captain.

(L - R)  Reef Pilot , Captain Welwyn Gamble, the Staff Captain, Captain and Brisbane Pilot.

The forward mooring crew making fast.

The ship's Atrium.

The main dining room.

The waiters who looked after me at my regular dinner table.
The ship's shopping arcade.

I was pleased to be invited to a dinner with the captain.

"Access All Areas Tour"

This extra-charge tour is the only way passengers can see these parts of the ship these days.

In the print shop.

The crew emergency muster stations list.

One of the crew mess rooms.
Another mess room.
The crew bar.

A dining room entrance from the galley.
The executive chef.
Cooking pork loins for lunch.

One of the bakers.
Menus for Indian crew members.

The storeman in charge of the liquor store.

The Captain heading back to the bridge from his office.

On the bridge with Captain Rick Sullivan - a very genial host from Vancouver.

Although the ship uses electronic charts, the traditional chart room desk at the rear of the wheelhouse is still used.

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  1. A fantastic set of photos, Tim. Great variety and wonderful captures all of them.