Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Celebrity Solstice (December 2012) - Post 1

Sydney - Dec 23rd - 24th.

At Circular Quay, Sydney on Dec 23rd.

For those who prefer to not use public transport at sea!

My very comfortable and well appointed cabin.

Departure Sydney, December 24th.

A different view of Admiralty House.

The Sydney harbour pilot launch leading the way.

The pilot launch coming alongside off South Head (taken from my dinner table).

A Maersk containership in evening sunlight off Wilson's Promontory on December 25th.
Wilson's Promontory lighthouse.
Melbourne - Dec 26th.
Arrival Melbourne December 26th. The captain (R) and PPSP pilot (C).

All fast at Outer West Station Pier.
Presumably because of the massive sail-area of her superstructure, the ship seems to always tie up with 8 and 2 each end.

The Spot 2 sailing for Devenport.

Captain Sean Liley manoeuvring the bunker ship Zemira away from the Solstice. This is Sean's first command in his meteoric career. Well done and well earned Sean!

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  1. Wow, that's one big ship! Lovely light in a lot of those shots.