Friday, 13 July 2012

Dawn Princess (June 2012) - Post 3

 28th. June - Phu My,Vietnam

Shipping along the Thi Vai River


A shuttle service isn't provided but passengers are free to make their own way to the local town!
 1st. July -Laem Chabang, Thailand

Sunrise, approaching Laem Chabang.

Thai built cars awaiting export.
Laem Chabang is Thailand's busiest port with many containership movements every day.

Backing up to our berth.

Caterpillar earth moving equipment on the wharf awaiting export / transhipment.


As junior cadets we used to have to polish the brass equipment on the bridge - a job we detested. Nothing compared to this guy's assignment.

  6th. July -Lombok, Indonesia

Local ferries off Lombok.

Two of the wonderful bar staff, Roni and Sherwin - both from the Philippines.

A party on deck.

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