Friday, 13 July 2012

Dawn Princess (June 2012) - Post 2

 24th. June - Phuket, Thailand

Early morning arrival at Phuket.

The ship alongside at Phuket.

Market stalls on the wharf.

Maitre 'D Guiseppe (Italy), Waitress Emma (South Africa) and Head Waiter Antonio (Portugal) having lunch at a stall on the wharf.

Lunch at a local cafe.

On deck during departure Phuket.

Some third world beach shacks.
This beach pavillion and deck chairs are part of an adjacent hotel.
Early evening light off Phuket.
  26th. June - Singapore

The forward mooring gang running a headline at Singapore's brand new cruise terminal.
Singapore's Marina Sands Bay Hotel incorporates an incredible span across its 3 towers that incorporates a lookout deck, sky-garden and pool.

Singapore harbour from the hotel's lookout deck.

Dawn Princess at the new cruise terminal built next to newly reclaimed land.

Looking back towards the city.
The pool and sky garden.
A hotel I stayed in while working in Singapore for several months - The Oriental.
Dawn Princess alongside the cruise terminal.

Departure Singapore.
Shipping in Singapore harbour.

A tropical rain shower approaching the ship in Singapore harbour.


  1. Great shots! Love the ones from the great height of the Marina Sands Bay Hotel.

  2. Tim,
    This is a very nice record of your latest cruise.
    I like the photos a lot.

  3. Lovely pics handsome!!! I really enjoyed going through all of them.....nice collection of your memories of your daysz