Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Aurora - February 2015 - Post 3

Some photos from around the ship.

I like this terracing at the stern - it provides lots of shaded seating.

I had breakfast, lunch and afternoon drinks here most days.
The English world cruisers enjoy the traditional deck games.

My only disappointment with the ship is that the tradition P&O buff funnel colour has been replaced with this ghastly scheme.

A ship's seaman in the tender.

Probably the best lounge in the ship is the forward looking Crows Nest (above and below).
These window pillars remind me of the Crows Nest on the original Oriana.

Very English decor in this lounge.

One of a series of art lessons in progress in the Crows Nest.
Sculpture of Aurora, Roman goddess of the dawn, in the ship's atrium.

Model of the British India ship Uganda.

Two quintessential elderly English ladies.
One of the great bar staff, Cameron from Mumbai. He mostly worked in the Crows Nest lounge (at the top of the ship) leading me to dub that lounge 'Cameron's Highlands'.  He didn't get the allusion.

Ryan, from the Philippines, another of the great staff.


  1. What a lovely, comfortable ship! I love the lounge area with the mantle/fireplace which I am sure is not wood burning!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! What an amazing, luxurious ship!