Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Celebrity Century - December 2014 - Post 1

After spending six days aboard Celebrity Century performing a compass adjustment (photos at: I decided to book aboard as a passenger for a 14 night South Pacific cruise from Sydney on December 1st to 14th. This is a very comfortable medium size ship which unfortunately will be converted to a casino ship for a Chinese travel company next April.
While the service in some lounges seemed slow (Princess ships still use more staff) the service in most lounges, dining rooms and especially the after deck bar I used was excellent.
The passenger mix was mostly very amiable middle-aged Australians and no yobbos to be seen.
One of the impressive things on this cruise was that some of the officers, including deck officers, were regularly seen about the passenger accommodation unlike most other ships I've been in where they are rarely seen.

Celebrity Century in Sydney on 1/12/14

Sailing from Sydney

Pacific Dawn in Garden Island dry dock

At anchor off Airley Beach

Arriving at Cairns

At Port Vila

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