Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Dawn Princess - October 2014 - Post 1

I joined Dawn Princess on 7th October for a 13 night Melbourne / South Pacific islands / Melbourne 13 night cruise followed by 13 nights Melbourne / NZ / Melbourne. These were my 12th and 13th cruises aboard this ship. She was looking in need of a dry dock for a repaint and to repair leaking pipes etc. (that will be happening in Singapore next May) but as always she is still very comfortable, the food was very good and the service I received, excellent. Many of the service staff return year after year so it's very friendly and homely for me.

Departure Melbourne

My very good friend Captain Brian Liley piloted the ship out on this cruise and again on the next.

Approaching the heads.

Looking astern in the South Channel towards Arthur's Seat.


Arriving Noumea

Pacific Jewel berthing in the inner harbour

The bulk loading berth in evening light

Pacific Jewel sailing
Dawn Princess sailing

Champagne Bay


Heading into town via 'water taxi'

I'd find a resort boring after a couple of days (many would say the same about ships!) but often when in Vila I spend a very relaxing and enjoyable day at Le Lagon resort.

Isle of Pines

Some of the ship's crew enjoying R&R

Back to Melbourne

Early morning arrival

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  1. Some fantastic shots, Tim. Beautiful composition and lighting.