Sunday, 16 March 2014

Arcadia - February 2014 - Post 1

On 20th February I flew to Auckland to join Arcadia the next day for a nine night voyage to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. This being my first cruise with P&O (UK) I wasn't sure how much I'd like it but in the event I enjoyed my time there so much that I extended my voyage twice, from Adelaide to Fremantle then from Fremantle to Singapore. While the ship is almost identical to Holland America's Oosterdam that I sailed in last year, Arcadia is fitted out much better and I found the atmosphere, service and food to be superior as well. My fellow passengers were mostly late middle aged Brits, aboard for either the whole world voyage or half of it and I found them to be mostly friendly, polite, considerate and good humoured company. Though many of us were drinking and having a good time, I didn't see any boorishness. It was all very sedate and relaxing. After disembarking in Singapore on 13th March, I flew flew back to Melbourne overnight, via Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian Airlines.

The Emirates A380 I flew to Auckland on, arriving at Melbourne 20/2.
One of the things I like about Emirates' A380 layout is that, unlike Qantas, the side aisle and window seats are offset from each other to increase privacy.
The bar towards the rear of the upper deck.
Arcadia at Auckland 21/2/14.

The ship was in Sydney overnight 25/2 to 26/2.
The Cunard shape funnel in P&O buff. Arcadia was originally planned to be a Holland America ship but when building got underway she was designated to be Cunard's Queen Victoria then P&O's Arcadia (all Carnival Cruise Corporation brands).
Looking forward from the top midships lounge.
Arriving in Melbourne on 28/2. Arcadia was piloted in by one of my shipmates from the 1970s and 80s and a very good friend of mine, Captain Brian Liley.
Oosterdam arriving in Melbourne just behind us.
Backing into position at Outer East Station Pier.
One of Arcadia's seamen about to throw his heaving line while, in the background, Oosterdam is swinging to berth at Outer West.

Arcadia and Oosterdam all fast at Station Pier.

Oosterdam sailed for Sydney just before Arcadia sailed for Adelaide at 6pm 28/2.


  1. Great photos of what seems to have been a wonderful voyage. I think you must have enjoyed it a lot.

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