Sunday, 6 January 2013

Celebrity Solstice (December 2012) - Post 5

Flight home - Auckland to Melbourne - 4th. January.

I experienced on this flight home, for my first time, Emirates Airlines A380 first class suites. What a fantastic indulgence - the best flight I've ever taken. If only one could afford to fly like this every time!

Emirates A380s at Auckland airport awaiting departure for Sydney (L) and Melbourne (R).

The Melbourne bound A380 prior to departure Auckland, Jan 4th.
Seat 2K - my private little nook - with a glass of Dom at the ready.

The centre seats.
Despite being only a 3 1/2 hour flight, I booked a shower for right after take-off. Just because I could and what a great experience. I've had ships' bathrooms smaller than this.

Passengers can book one of the two bathrooms for 25 mins with the shower water being available for 5 mins. of that time (there's an automatic timer in the shower so you don't get caught out when the water goes off!)

As you'd expect, the plane has a great tv entertainment system.
This is luxury - after a very good dinner, being able to shut the suite doors and stretch out in privacy with a bottomless glass of good red. I could have happily stayed on to Dubai!


  1. I've enjoyed your trip with you. Thank you for sharing. Celebrity has some lovely ships and excellent crew and service.

    All the best from foggy Port Canaveral aboard Freedom of the Seas,

  2. Ah... That's the only way to travel!