Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sapphire Princess (2008) - Post 1

Between 9th. January and 2nd. February I cruised aboard Sapphire Princess on two back to back cruises, one from Sydney to Auckland and the next from Auckland back to Sydney.  Ports of call were Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Milford Sound, Port Chalmers, Lyttelton, Tauranga and Auckland with the second cruise being the same ports but in reverse order.

Sydney - 8th. to 9th. January

My room in the Quay Grand Suites hotel on Circular Quay. I stayed here on the 8th. January, the night before I embarked on Sapphire Princess.

Pacific Dawn (ex Regal Princess) sailing from Darling Harbour for a Pacific Island cruise, taken from my hotel room.

Sapphire Princess' pre-dawn arrival at Circular Quay 9th. January
Sun Princess passing under the harbour bridge at the end of an around Australia cruise.
Sapphire Princess from my hotel room.

A light breakfast on my balcony before joining the ship.

From the public viewing deck at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.
Ship's tenders.

Melbourne - 11th. January

Morning in Port Phillip Bay. Captain Guerrini (forward of the console) and Port Phillip Sea Pilot, my good friend Captain Charles Griffiths to his left.

The starboard wing control console.
Looking aft towards Arthur's Seat.
Our tug approaching.
The bridge team at berthing stations.

Swinging off Station Pier to berth head out at Outer West.
On the port bridge wing while backing onto the berth. (L-R) the helmsman, Captain Charles Griffiths, Captain Guerrini (at the contols), the Staff Captain.

All fast at Outer West Station Pier.

Hobart - 13th. & 26th. January

Early morning in the Derwent River, approaching Hobart 13th. January.

Shipping anchored in the Derwent River.

Approaching the berth at MacQuarie Wharf 13th. January.

The ship from The Grand Chancellor Hotel.

The ship's bridge.
The nightclub at the stern of the ship.
Passengers returning to the ship.
Evening in the Tasman Sea, en route New Zealand.

Views looking forward and aft from the nightclub.


Coming alongside the berth 26th. January.
Even the children in this choir that regularly greets cruise ships in Hobart are all wearing MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card) cards, presumably as required by authorities. This must take the cake for bureaucratic absurdity.
Making fast.

Other shipping in Hobart 26th. January.
Antarctic supply vessel Aurora Australis uses Hobart as a base in the southern summer.

Stowing lifeboats after a crew drill.

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  1. Wow! Stunning shots. My fav in this group is the night view of the ship at port.