Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dawn Princess (2011/2012) - Post 3

20th. December and 3rd. January - Wellington, New Zealand

 The view over Wellington Harbour from the verandah of one of my friend's beautiful home.

 The mast from the ill-fated inter-island ferry Wahine which foundered in Wellington harbour in cyclonic conditions in 1968. The mast is sited on the eastern side of the harbour near where many people perished or washed up ashore.

 I love the quaint English terminology used in many parts of New Zealand.

21st. December and 2nd. January - Napier, New Zealand

Napier harbour.

 In 1931, Napier was destroyed by an earthquake. Consequently much of the rebuilding was in art deco style and in recent years many of these buildings have been restored and the city has gained popularity as a tourist destination because of this.

Locals, in character, on the wharf for the ship's departure.

22nd. December and 1st. January -Tauranga, New Zealand

Shipping in Tauranga harbour.

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